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Saturday, September 29, 2012 | 4:45 AM | 0 candies
Assalammualaikum everyone .
I know my trials wasn't make one feel proud , not so good , exactly it was very bad results. but I hope it will be better for the next examination , SPM . and I can't afford to make myself cry again and again because of my freaking results anymore. especially for Quran Sunnah . I thought Ustaz was disappointed with my results , sincerely I am not comfortable with Ustaz cause of my grade. sorry Ustaz I can't made you proud with my results , I'm promise , I'll improve my grade and I'm realize that I can get A+ for Quran Sunnah . Insyaallah . So what shall I do is; study damn hard and read a lot of chemistry , physics , sejarah , Syariah Islamiah , Quran Sunnah book cause it helps and do as many exercises as I can to get A+ for my addmaths , Modern Maths , Arabic , Principal of Accounts , .
And yeah, even I don't get any early harvest for any scholarship, it's okay as it's never too late for SPM. And yet I still have time to keep praying. Allah knows best.