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♥Pelajari sesuatu dari Hidup anda ! Sesuatu yang mampu mengubah hidup anda ke arah yang benar ♥
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Monday, April 30, 2012 | 7:54 AM | 0 candies
assalammualaikum , annyeong ^^,
lame dah tak update, sorry im rarely update buzy rite now :) memang awook kite bdk spm kan =='
buzy nak study jeh . *huh tak sebenar ye ,

okat let's we share our happiness about our international cluster day , from 4 countries , brunei , totally indonesia , and thailand and supposed to be MALAYSIA :)
 its started from 25th of April to 29th April 2012 .
it was memorable for us . we love it and enjoy it very much :) and i'm was take part in Paintball game , and Kawad Kaki , even KK didn't won the competition , nevermind dear , maybe that's was fate to us . and so funny to see me doing the silly things -__-. tengs to all students for your cooperation to success this activities, and to abg hafiz tengs for belanja kami , for 2 session drink , and gave to me RM50 and sharing with my ajk , means one person RM10 . he was so kind and friendly to us , always give the best to us . disspointedly , whole day i'm at paintball booth and not going to dewan besar saw the big event "kebudayaan'' from each countries. ouh babe , nevermind , and again dissappointed i'm cannot got the paper bag from my beloved USIM, my third choice university , ouhh man. rugi sangattt , but nevermind ^^.
 and minggu cluster neh aku sangat pemalas nak bwak camera. sebab pemalas lah , and aku suke mencelahh kat camera orang ,, hehew nakal yee ,

we take the picture to realise our memories always be there :)

this from indonesia , yellow girl : sara , purple girl : umaira :)

 this one from brunei :) 

tabik hormat from PPIM and Masyitah :)

early morning with the pretty gal :)

again with sara *she so friendly and pretty 

incredible friends :)
i'm the ajk of painball :)

with kebudayaan gal from indonesia 
and this boy from indonesia :)

see , 
both of us name "ina"

this abg hafiz :) 

and finally my face had sunburn , ouh babe , can u imagine ? its really hurt :(

its only for my dayy , even i'm very busy but its meaningful to us , thakns teacher for this event and hopefully we can get SBT :) love sharodz .